Influencer Marketplace launch! Booking influencers made simple!

BrandSnob celebrated the relaunch of it's Influencer Marketplace iPhone app with a VIP event at one of Sydney’s most prestigious hot spots Pelicano last week. Samantha Jade who jetted in from London for the event performed for a glamorous crowd including celebrities and social media influencers, before a fashion show and live video demo of the BrandSnob iPhone app. BrandSnob whose V1 (version one) saw success as a platform for influencers and brands to meet, has made a progressive shift in their positioning and purpose behind their second version. What was once an influencer meeting place has now been transformed into an influencer marketplace. In just a few minutes brands can create social media campaigns targeting Snobs (aka social media influencers) that are a match based on their industry, location, preferred gender and social media reach. Influencers can now make offers and negotiate with brands all from a mobile IOS app. This supports the company’s straight to the point tagline, “the simple way to collaborate.” More than 200 guests, including socialite Imogen Anthony, and actor Firass Dirani attended the launch and enjoyed moorish morsels and BrandSnob Champagne cocktails whilst mingling with other Instagram influencers.With the popularity of influencer marketing at an all-time high, new platforms continue to emerge in this space. Co-Founder David Duncan spoke about how BrandSnob’s marketplace differentiates itself from the rest of the pack. “We have really made brand to influencer negotiations simple. That is with one tap, an influencer or brand can decide how many posts they would like and at what price.” Fellow Co-Founder, Tony Coiro said “Our focus is to give brands access to the best community of Instagram influencers and YouTube content creators to help grow their brand across social media. It’s also important for us to maximize our influencers earning potential with great collaboration and brand sponsorship opportunities.” BrandSnob is available on the AppStore and free for brands to use, with no subscription or booking fees. More information:

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