How to find the best beauty influencers - authenticity is everything

Finding beauty influencers and content creators that are a good match for your brand can be a challenge. Brands need to find influencers that are genuinely interested in their products otherwise influencer collaborations can lack authenticity and blend in with the millions of other beauty posts on Instagram.

"The real challenge is that Instagram is full of beauty influencers, but not all of these influencers will be an authentic fit for your brand." Says Tony Coiro BrandSnob Co-Founder.

BrandSnob helps solve this influencer marketing problem by bringing the right influencers to the brand. Rather than having to find, reach out, and hope for a response from influencers, BrandSnob reverses this typical approach and instead gets interested influencers to make the brand an offer.

Because the influencer has time to research the brands products and carefully read the brands campaign brief before making an offer, the brand knows any offers are going to come from interested influencers. This provides the brand with influencers that are a more authentic fit and removes the uncertainty brands have when trying to guess which influencers to work with.

Dominique Le Toullec shows how easy it is for influencers to discover a brands beauty campaign on BrandSnob and make them an offer to collaborate. [Video]

BrandSnob even makes it easy to identify the influencers that offer the best value. With one tap brands can filter incoming offers by 'Best Value' and compare and book the influencers they like.

Once booked influencer create their content and post to social media. Using influencers in an authentic and genuine way helps you reach new audiences and tell your brand's story.

There are no booking fees or charges for Brands, so download the app today and get started.

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