How to use influencer marketing - Standing out from the crowd!

Standing out from the thousands of brands all competing to grab the attention of potential customers on Instagram is definitely a challenge. What brands are now recognizing is the importance of using Instagram influencers to help tell their story and reach new audiences in an organic way.

The difficulty can be finding influencers that are an authentic fit for your brand and willing to collaborate. BrandSnob solves this influencer marketing problem by 'Bringing the influencer to the brand'. Rather than having to find, reach out, and hope for a response from influencers, BrandSnob reverses this typical approach and instead gets interested influencers to make the brand an offer.

This cuts out the uncertainty brands encounter when approaching influencers. Brands know that the influencer likes their product and wants to work with them...they have a firm offer from the influencer. This can save brands hours of frustration chasing influencers who aren't interested or simply don't get back to the brand.

"It is really important for brands to clearly spell out what they are trying to achieve and what they expect of their influencers when creating a campaign brief." says Rachel Brooker, Marketing Manager at BrandSnob.

BrandSnob separate themselves from the rest of the influencer marketing start-ups by taking a focused approach of developing their platform as an IOS app only. Influencers can make offers on camapigns and brands can accept, negotiate and securely book them all through the IOS app.

"Our focus in developing for IOS only is to make influencer collaborations as simple as possible. Influencers lead busy lives and spend most of their time on mobile, so they want to be communicating and working with brands this way." says Tony Coiro, Co-Founder of BrandSnob.

One of the key features of the app is a filter that allows brands to instantly sort all influencer offers by best value. This takes into account the price and number of posts being offered against the potential engagement the brand will receive. This takes away some of the guess work brands face when selecting influencers and highlights the offers that are likely to get the brand the most exposure on instagram for their spend.

Finding fitness influencers on Instagram - Dominique and Nevena. Dominique and Nevena workout at Bondi Beach - Sydney promoting fitness wear through a collaboration made on BrandSnob.

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BrandSnob makes booking influencers simple.

  • Create a campaign in minutes and receive offers from influencers that match your brand.

  • With one tap compare and book the best value influencers on BrandSnob.

  • Safely pay funds into escrow, release when the post is complete.

  • BrandSnob has no subscription or booking fees for brands.

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