Why brands need Influencer Marketing to reach new Customers

For a brand to more than survive in today's competitive landscape their marketing habits have to be relevant and adapt to how consumers interact and behave with content online.

Consumers are now smarter about how they spend their time online. They don't like wasting time looking at sponsored advertising, and search for content that is appealing and they can relate with. Sub-consciously consumers are now either ignoring sponsored ads, skimming over any content with the word sponsored, or skipping video ads as soon as they can. With a large number of mobile users now employing ad-blockers to block unsolicited ads, brands need to find new relevant ways of interacting with potential customers.

Influencer Marketing is proving to be the answer for many social media savvy brands. With a market of over 2 billion smart phone users all spending large amounts of their time on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, products and services endorsed by a social media influencers cut through the noise and reach customers in a more natural and engaging way.

Consumers are more likely to engage with content from a person they know and can relate to. In fact as long as the content being produced is high quality and and represents a genuine relationship, consumers want to know what products their favorite influencers use. This puts brands that actively work with influencers in a vastly better position than their competitors who are still trying to reach customers through traditional adverts.

Leading influencer marketing platform BrandSnob, emphasises the importance of developing meaningful relationships with influencers, bloggers and content creators with strong followings on social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

"With more and more brands turning to influencer marketing to promote their products, it's important to look to develop long term relationships with influencers that have a strong affinity with your brand." says Tony Coiro Co-Founder at BrandSnob. "Brands that look at influencer marketing as a long term strategy that needs to be made with the right influencers have far greater success in producing engaging content together that resonates with the influencer's audience."

The difficulty in finding influencers that are an authentic fit for your brand is knowing who to contact and then working out how to get through to them and pitch your product. Trawling through an endless number of Instagram profiles to find the right influencers for your brand is time consuming and at best a hit and miss process. Once you've stumbled upon an influencer that looks like a good match how do you then contact them? Do you DM them or try to send them an email? Are they even going to see your communication in among all the other messages they receive?

Most brands once they have tried this approach for a while look for smarter ways to build their list of influencers.

BrandSnob solves this influencer marketing problem by 'Bringing the influencer to the brand'. Rather than having to find, reach out, and hope for a response from influencers, BrandSnob reverses this typical approach and instead gets interested influencers to make the brand an offer.

This cuts out the uncertainty brands encounter when approaching influencers. Brands know that the influencer likes their product and wants to work with them...after all they have a firm offer from the influencer. This can save brands hours of frustration chasing influencers who aren't interested in their product or simply don't respond.

BrandSnob also allows you to invite your own list of influencers to the platform so you can negotiate and manage all your offers in one place. If you book your influencers via their app, BrandSnob guarantees a full refund in 24 hours if the influencer doesn't post.

More about BrandSnob:

BrandSnob makes booking influencers simple.

  • Create a campaign in minutes and receive offers from influencers that match your brand.

  • With one tap compare and book the best value influencers on BrandSnob.

  • Safely pay funds into escrow, release when the post is complete.

  • BrandSnob has no subscription or booking fees for brands.

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