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We spoke to the beautiful and exotic couple Bea and Jeremy Monnet, creators of the amazing blog Mr & Mrs Monnet. Their social pages are flooded with incredible content from dreamy, luxury destinations – palm trees, white sands and crystal blue waters. We love it! We've decided they are the ultimate #couplegoals and were excited to learn more about them. Where have they been? Where are they going next? Find out below...

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We met in January 2013 during Fashion Week in Paris.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION AND WHY? India has a special place in our hearts. Also, Zanzibar is a true paradise on earth, a couple of hours away from the wild Serengeti.

FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT IN THE WORLD? Home. France for Jeremy and Spain for Bea. At Jeremy's mum's or the Paella at Bea's grandma's every weekend surrounded by family. WHAT IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR? Our wedding in India, in Hindu tradition. It was in 2013 in Varanasi, one of the Holiest places in the world. Since then, we get married every year in a different tradition or religion.

WHAT ARE YOU GUYS UP TO NOW? After having spent all of June in the magical Zanzibar, we are flying to Serengeti Park in Tanzania for a five day safari. WHAT DO YOU HAVE PLANNED NEXT? We will fly back home to France and Spain after six months of traveling across Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar). Nonetheless, we will spend some weekends in Lebanon and Italy. We are always on the move! WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BRANDSNOB? We love how straight forward and user friendly the app is and how easy it is to navigate. We also love the brand variety and numerous collaboration opportunities the app has to offer.

Instagram Influencers Mr & Mrs Monnet on BrandSnob
Instagram Influencers Mr & Mrs Monnet
Influencers Mr & Mrs Monnet



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