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Vuelo eyewear is the fusion of timeless silhouettes with modern edge. This brand's aim is an alchemy of classic aviation eyewear with the present moment. Vuelo Eyewear has an appreciation for elegant shapes and lines, and not just those of their sunglasses. The contours of their frames are designed to accentuate cheekbones and etch jawlines. They love sunglasses for not only their aesthetic, but for the transformation of outlook and mentality that comes with slipping shades over your eyes.

Vuelo Eyewear has collab'd with a number of Snobs. A couple are...

Instagram Influencer @jasmincalle on BrandSnob
Instagram Influencer @braady on BrandSnob

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Brand Review:

We love BrandSnob because it's the best influencer platform that's mobile first and their extremely helpful support staff makes marketing a breeze.

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