How to make money off Instagram with Influencer Marketing - Cami Li explains

Instagram Influencer Cami Li tells us why she loves the Influencer Marketing Platform BrandSnob.

Cami is often asked how to get paid and start making money off Instagram posts .

Cami has been using BrandSnob for about 2 years and about 80% of her paid posts come from the BrandSnob platform.

Cami explains how BrandSnob makes it easy to find brand campaigns, make offers and get paid. "A brand will put out a campaign. You see if you fit that campaign, and you bid on it. You bid how much you want and how long it will take you to post it. The brand can either accept or decline it and if they accept it, got money!" says Cami Li.

An important point for influencers is knowing they will get paid after completing a brand post and Cami loves how easy BrandSnob makes that.

Cami jokes at the end that if you start making money through BrandSnob "Be sure to send me 10%, because you will be making a lot and Elvis needs a new haircut."

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