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It was really great connecting with Fifi — AKA @entirelyhuman. I visited her Instagram and really loved the photography and positive vibe! Below, Fifi gives tips on what it takes to be a successful travel blogger. You have to plug away at it, have faith, be creative, but most of all love what you’re doing! Otherwise what’s the point?

Instagram Influencer @entirelyhuman

LETS START FROM THE BEGINNING! WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A TRAVEL BLOGGER? What feels like a lifetime ago, I started my blog Entirely Human. It started with the beauty of Australia and sharing the amazing surroundings I call home — anything from the coastal beaches, mountain hikes and weekend getaways. Fast forward 5 years and I have managed to have opportunities to travel around the world — including, chasing summer in Europe and sneaky tropical getaways to Bali, Thailand and Fiji.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT AND WHY? Last year I traveled Europe and my second stop was Santorini. A beautiful island which looks just like the photos you see on every travel page. Santorini instantly took my breath away — from the gorgeous backdrop, the hotels on cliffs, the local wines & fresh food and island atmosphere. Santorini offers you adventure and relaxation at the same time… no schedule? No worries!

CAN YOU GIVE US A PEEK INTO THE AMOUNT OF WORK THAT GOES INTO MAINTAINING A BLOG OF YOUR CALIBER? When you love what you do…. is it really work?! What I like to offer my followers, is a snippet into my world. I share what I love, and hope everyone loves it as well. I spend a lot of time conversing with local and international brands to create long-term collaborations with companies I believe share the same interests.

IF YOU WEREN’T BLOGGING, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? If you take blogging out of the picture — I am a qualified personal trainer. Providing online health and fitness coaching to women all over the world. I am passionate about helping others work on the well-being of their insides, which naturally reflects on the outside.

WE’RE HUGE FANS OF YOUR INSTAGRAM! DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS OR TRICKS FOR ACHIEVING AN AESTHETICALLY AWESOME INSTAGRAM PAGE? You need to be PASSIONATE. Pick one thing you love the most and put all your time and energy into it. Whether it be travel, beauty, fitness or anything in between. Keeping a consistent and up-to-date feed will make sure your followers come back from more.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BRANDSNOB? My little BrandSnob family! I love BrandSnob as it creates the connection between brand and blogger. It allows you the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of brands that suit your feed and allows you to get your name out there.

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