Instagram Influencer Nicole Kay Clark

Influencer Nicole Kay Clark about BrandSnob

Nicole Kay Clark is a California based model/influencer who is a must follow, and if you check out her Instagram you'll understand why. A modern day nomad creating content for brands throughout her travels, her style is equally as attention grabbing as the destinations she visits. We had the chance to chat with Nicole, ask her some questions and get to know her better. Check it out...

Instagram Influencer Nicole Kay Clark
Nicole Kay Clark about BrandSnob
Influencer Nicole Kay Clark


I am a model/social media influencer based out of San Diego, CA. I travel with my boyfriend, Ricardo De Jesus and we create content for a variety of brands along the way. Living in California I find myself constantly inspired by the endless variety of locations; it's almost impossible not to want to shoot here! YOUR STYLE IS AMAZING! HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE IT IN THREE WORDS?

I've never really thought of myself as "stylish," I just throw on an outfit based on my mood. I think that the best way to describe it in three words would be sassy, strong, SoCal. Whether I'm going casual or dressing up, I always like to make sure my outfits have a sassy spin to them that lets people know that I'm marching to the beat of my own drum. I went with "strong" because I prefer for my outfits to fit in a way that features the beauty and strength of the female body -- I like to feel powerful when I get dressed. #girlboss :). Lastly I chose "SoCal" because when you live in San Diego it's almost impossible not to let the relaxed, beachy vibe permeate your fashion senses.

WHAT ARE THE THREE FASHION ESSENTIALS EVERY GIRL SHOULD HAVE? The three fashion essentials a girl should always have are: 1) Lotion or body oil because no matter what you're wearing dry skin is never cute. 2) A pair of statement sunglasses. No matter what time of year, it's always fashionable to protect your eyes from the sun and prevent wrinkles. Find a pair of statement sunglasses and create a signature look that you can switch up seasonally. 3) A pair of black jeans. Always have a pair of black jeans handy. Whether you're dressing up or down they are an easy item to style with a variety of looks while still feeling comfortable. ANY TIPS FOR ASPIRING INFLUENCERS/CONTENT CREATORS? My tips to aspiring influencers/content creators is simple. Don't look at what other people are doing. Spend so much time "doing you" and building your own brand, that you don't have time to compare yourself to anyone else. It's easy to get consumed with who's doing what on social media, so just stay focused on being the best YOU that you can be and your hard work will pay off.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BRANDSNOB? My favorite thing about BrandSnob is the freedom that it has given me as an entrepreneur. 10 years ago if I had told my parents that I'd be creating content for brands for a living because of an app on my phone, they would have thought I was CRAZY. Now, thanks to BrandSnob, I am here doing just that.


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