KikiRio Swimwear connects with micro-influencers on BrandSnob

KikiRio Swimwear loves using micro-influencers just starting their career

KikiRio Swimwear believes beautiful, well made swimwear is as essential as a perfect tee. Their suits come in classic silhouettes and are made from high quality microfiber nylon and chlorine resistant spandex for a buttery soft finish. Slipping on a swimsuit means celebrating something, like summer, the sea, and your one-of-a-kind bikini body, which looks powerful and perfect just as it is, in any suit you choose.

KikiRio has collab'd with a number of snobs. A couple are...

Instagram influencer @ashdelrio
Instagram influencer @thestyledseed

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Brand Review:

We have found that BrandSnob is a great tool in connecting us with micro-influencers. We love working with people who are just getting started in their blogging/modeling career because they mirror the same journey we are on. As a new brand, it's been super important for us to get our product out there and see how people react to it. The ladies we've worked with thus far have provided us with honest feedback about our product (fit, fabric, prints, etc.) and we take all of that into consideration. BrandSnob has allowed KikiRio to work with influencers in a way that benefits both us as a brand and the influencers! We look forward to connecting with more influencers through BrandSnob as our journey continues.

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