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Influencer SpotLight: Troy Pes talks about being an Influencer

This Venezuelan-born model and YouTuber caught our attention with his boyish good looks and perfectly sculpted abs, and we've been fans ever since. A triple threat as a model, actor, and singer, Troy Pes is an emerging social media super human. If you hadn’t noticed him yet, you will now! We had the chance to chat with Troy, ask him some questions and get to know him better. Check it out...


I am not much different than everyone else. I started an acting career when I was back in my hometown, Caracas, Venezuela, but then I moved to Australia. When Instagram came about, I started posting photos and doing my own thing- I have always been creative and very passionate about arts, music, photography and film. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO?

I love traveling and discovering new places, even in my current town.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BEST PLACE TO VISIT AND WHY? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like Australia, but I recently went to Tulum, Mexico and I was blown away. It is basically what people call a tropical paradise. I do love California also, it's deserts and coastal roads are stunning. WHAT'S THE BEST INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN YOU'VE WORKED ON? I wouldn’t be able to point my finger at one in particular, it is always a new completely different experience and I love that. WHAT ARE YOUR TOP BEAUTY ESSENTIALS? A good face mask and moisturizer. WE'RE HUGE FANS OF YOUR INSTAGRAM! DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS OR TRICKS FOR CREATING SUCH AN AWESOME INSTAGRAM PAGE? Well, thank you, that is very flattering considering the amount of great Instagram accounts there are. It is all about finding your own style and showcasing it. Find the reasons why people follow you and apply that into your photos whether it is your sense of fashion, color palette, poses, or personality.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BRANDSNOB? What I love about BrandSnob is not only how easy and simple dealing with brands and clients is, but also being able to have full control of the content you are going to put out there.


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