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Mahkia Kinis loves the unlimited access to Influencers on BrandSnob

Designed in Melbourne, Florida and made in Bali, Indonesia, Mahkia is for the ocean lover! This amazing swimwear brand is made to last through the roughest surfing conditions or just when you want to get your sunbathe on :)

Mahkia Kinis has collab'd with a number of snobs. A couple are...

Swimwear Influencer @carolineroxy on BrandSnob
Swimwear Influencer @mrndapnda on BrandSnob

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@corolineroxy looking gorgeous in Mahkia Kinis
@mrndapnda looking radiant in Mahkia Kinis

Brand Review:

We love BrandSnob because it gives us unlimited access to influencers that we otherwise wouldn't have. We've done collaborations with influencers who have a 10k following all the way up to a 900k following, and we would have never been able to if it wasn't for BrandSnob.

We also love how easy it is to pay!

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