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September 19, 2017


ChicCartel is dedicated to discovering the hottest fashion created by your local designer living right next door. They take time to discover authentic local brands who maintain strong neighborhood identity. And the ultimate perk is that everything is sustainably made, because looking chic shouldn't hurt the environment. ChicCartel believes the future of fashion is local - the earth depends on it, our communities depend on it, and it is about time that sustainable and cool can be synonymous.


ChicCartel has collab'd with a number of snobs. A couple are...



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Brand Review:


At ChicCartel we love nothing more than seeing the fashion we sell on real and authentic ladies. BrandSnob connected us with a great community of influencers who have been helping us put our product in front of their audience and provided us with gorgeous imagery. All the influencers we have have worked with so far have been very talented, helpful, and fun to work with. We are thankful to BrandSnob for making the business part of it so easy and smooth for us - we are looking forward to using the platform more and more as our business grows!

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