Feeling Unmotivated As A Blogger? Read This.

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My top 3 tips on how to start seeing results.

Having a business in the blogging world can be tough sometimes. Especially during the beginning stages, it’s a lot of time investment in exchange for not much initial return. I feel your pain! I get so many DMs on my Instagram asking me how I stayed so positive and motivated when I first started my blog. Below are 3 of my top tips for you to start seeing more success.


You guys know me, I totally love my self-help books. I’m actually in the middle of writing one myself! They have helped me so much over the years, especially with starting and maintaining my business. I highly suggest reading these kinds of books if you’re looking for more in your life. Business wise to personal shit, these books are my go-to when I feel like I need a push. My favourites are: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, & The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.


Making money with your blog/social media is all about your strategy. The biggest mistake I made at the beginning of my career was expecting brands to simply come to me. I learnt that there are so many influencer marketing platforms out there made to help people like us with paid collaborations. I’ve tried out many of them, and BrandSnob is definitely one of the best ones. It’s an influencer marketplace app that connects us paying brands!


I’ve noticed that when I keep up a morning routine, my life becomes ten times better. It keeps you on track when you spend time every morning on your goals. I use the Five Minute Journal every morning and I also try to meditate on my goals. Staying clear on what you want makes it so much easier to stay motivated and invest time into your work (even if it isn’t paying off right away..)!

Good luck,


M x

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