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Time to get real. Two and a half years ago when I started my beauty page on Instagram, I never would have dreamed it would turn into getting gifted makeup, clothing and accessories from the most incredible brands nearly on a daily basis...let alone getting paid to photograph and use it all. Like who the heck even am I? The last thing I'm trying to do here is brag, but I'm simply stating the reality of what can come your way when you put your mind to something you believe in.

Michelle talks about influencer marketing platform BrandSnob

These past two years have taught me that with motivation, persistence and a strong belief in yourself you can really achieve magical things...sometimes things you would have never imagined. To every current or aspiring influencer/creator, I encourage you to continue reading to if you want to enhance the success of your social media journey.

I want to dedicate this post to talk about a fantastic influencer app that totally changed the game for me on this crazy journey of mine. The BrandSnob app ( is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to partner with brands for PAID collaborations. Yep I said it, paid opportunities to get creative and do what you love.

Influencer Marketing Platform - BrandSnob

The Brandsnob App gives influencers access to countless campaigns catered to their unique niche. For example, I obviously fall under the beauty/fashion category.

Therefore Brandsnob gives me access to the latest fashion and beauty campaigns. What I love mostly about BrandSnob aside that it's a free and user friendly app, is that I can pitch my ideas and creative vision for the campaign to each brand. If the brand sees it too, we can work together to create an amazing partnership and killer campaign. Most importantly, I set my own rates on BrandSnob. This is important because it's crucial to be confident in the worth of your own work.

BrandSnob has helped me build long lasting relationships with the most amazing brands and I am incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities BrandSnob has given me. So to all my creators reading this: never give up on your vision and download the BrandSnob app ( to get your creative juices flowing and to start getting paid for your creativity!

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